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Feb 11, 2013 5:30pm EST
..- 3 3 bbmbshelllnewssout of the vatican thattis still - developpng... pppe benedict the sixxeenth announces he will resign at the end of the popp to o so in nearly six- hhudred years. yearr.tte pontiff... making thh stunning announcement at a saying it's time for someone phhsically stronner to leed the catholic ccurch.popp beeedict says evvn though he is awaae of the serioosness of stepping doon... he just doesn't have the strength to carryyout his papal duties.the college of cardinals will now - hold a conclave to elect 3 130-135"they're looking for preserve the core teachings of the church, but also be a face for theechurch." church."holy ee watchers saa theee ddesn'ttappear to be any froot runnerr at this poinn but officials hope to have -& pope benedict's eplaccment by holy week.. wwich egins on marrh 24th..- 3& here in balttmore...there's plenty ofreection to ews of theepope's resignation. resignationnjohn ryddll.... p live... at the cathedral... off.. mary our queen... / wiih & more... on... how catholics... are reacting... po... thii stunning√°... annouucemmnt...john... &p
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1